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Framework for a Resilient Future


On August 8, 2023, West Maui and Lahaina Town changed forever. Devastating fires tore through the community, claiming at least 101 lives. Homes and businesses were destroyed, including important cultural, historical, and spiritual sites. In a matter of hours, everything changed for this busy, thriving community and the people who call it home.

To support West Maui’s recovery efforts, the West Maui Community Corridor project changed course. Rather than an action plan, as originally intended, the project team developed a “Framework for a Resilient Future. The framework is an expression of the vision and hopes we heard from the West Maui community, supported by technical analysis and the learnings of the project team. It offers focus areas and near-term projects to consider, all of which must be confirmed with the community.

The framework captures the hard work of West Maui residents, the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and Maui County while recognizing that the landscape and the community’s needs have changed since the fires. We hope the West Maui Community Corridor “Framework for a Resilient Future” can be a resource for planning and designing West Maui’s next steps. The community has an opportunity to reflect upon and express what matters in new ways, honoring West Maui’s past, current, and future kama‘āina and the lands that are their kuleana.

A Path Forward

Please review the “Framework for a Resilient Future” to learn more about the Community Corridor project’s outcomes.

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