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Our Work

Our work began in summer 2022 and concluded in February 2024 with the “Framework for a Resilient Future.” The project included three phases, which are described below. Click on the “Learn More” buttons to explore each phase and review the materials we developed.

Our early efforts focused on understanding all we could about the West Maui Community Corridor and the people who were living, working, and playing in the study area in late 2022 and early 2023. We explored the market conditions, who traveled the corridor, and where there was potential for new affordable and workforce housing. Many previous plans and studies helped our learning, and we heard from the community, too. Although our findings represent a snapshot in time—and so much has changed since the August fires—many of the themes are still relevant today, including mobility challenges, a limited housing supply, and the need for greater resiliency.

Grounded in our learnings about the corridor’s history and what were then its current conditions, we created a community-supported vision that linked to the West Maui Community Plan. We considered all the ways we expected people to travel—by walking or rolling, biking, taking the bus, and driving—as well as opportunities for affordable and workforce housing, economic development, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, and expressing West Maui’s culture and history. In partnership with the community, we created new ideas for connections and land uses that would support a transit-oriented community.

The original intent of the West Maui Community Corridor was to create an Action Plan with projects, programs, and policies to support transit-oriented communities in West Maui. We were working with our Technical Advisory Committee to prioritize recommendations when the fires devastated the community. We reshaped the final phase to create the “Framework for a Resilient Future,” which summarizes our efforts and expresses what we learned about the community’s priorities for this corridor. The framework is intended to support the West Maui community’s recovery efforts and serve as a resource on the path to rebuilding.

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