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This phase of the project was reshaped after the August fires. Rather than develop an action plan of projects, programs, and policies, we created the Framework for a Resilient Future” to support the West Maui community’s recovery efforts. It captures the hard work of West Maui residents, the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and Maui County in developing the West Maui Community Corridor project, recognizing that the West Maui landscape and the community’s needs have changed since the fires.

The framework is an expression of the vision and hopes we heard from the West Maui community, supported by technical analysis and the learnings of the project team. It offers focus areas to consider and includes near-term projects that could align with recovery efforts and state and federal funding sources. Ultimately, we hope the West Maui Community Corridor “Framework for a Resilient Future” can be a resource for the community members who are planning and designing West Maui’s next steps.

Framework for Res Fut COV.png
West Maui Graphic Elements-05.png

Area of Focus

These focus areas represent the topics that were at the heart of the West Maui Community Corridor project. They were used to organize key questions and considerations in the Framework.

ICON Resliency_edited.png

Resiliency and Sustainability: Build resilient systems and infrastructure that will adapt to Maui’s changing climate.

ICON Land Use_edited.png

Land Use and Housing: Promote mixed land uses with housing, shops, schools, and parks that meet residents’ daily needs and create livable neighborhoods.

ICON Transportation_edited.png

Transportation and Mobility: Foster safe and convenient ways for people of all ages and abilities to travel to, from, and around West Maui.

ICON History_edited.png

History and Culture: Respect and celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of West Maui.

ICON Economic Devel_edited.png

Economic and Community Development: Support sustainable community development that prioritizes local small businesses and services.

Near-Term Studies and Projects

When the West Maui community is ready to begin planning for recovery and rebuilding its cherished places, the focus areas and findings in the Framework can serve as a starting place for conversation. Additionally, the recommended actions shown on the map below emerged from the Community Corridor project and should be considered as near-term steps toward recovery.

Studies-Proj Map.png
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